Our co-curricular activities include clubs and sports

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Main Curriculum

Al-Amin Kota Mas School using National Curriculum KSSR (Primary School Standard Curriculum) as our main curriculum. KSSR will empower students as well as the teachers and enrich them with the capabilities to increase their thinking and give them more room and freedom to exercise their creativity. 


Al-Amin Islamic Curriculum

Al-Amin Islamic Curriculum (AAIC) @ ISLAH Curriculum is comprehensive and holistic. It constitutes element of J-TASK namely Jasadi (phsyical), Tawhidi (belief in Oneness of Allah spiritual), Aqli (Intellectual), Syu'ri (emotional) and Khuluqi (character). Students will learn Al-Quran studies, Hadith Studies, Language studies, social studies, Tassawur Islami and Art, Design & Technology. 


Extra Curriculum

Our extra curriculum will include 3 programs which are Leadership @ Khalifah Program, Adab @ Tarbiyyah Program, & Huffadz @ Tahfidz Program. Leadership @ Khalifah Program will teach students how to carry their roles as a Khalifah that will benefitting themselves and others people. Adab @ Tarbiyyah Program will teach students on how to respect each others especially parents and family. Huffadz @ Tahfidz Program will teach students how to recite Al-Quran and also help students to memorize Al-Quran. 






Due to increasing demand for high quality Islamic Education, Pusat Pendidikan Al-Amin Berhad (PPAAB) is set to expand its chain of Al- Amin Islamic School at Batu Caves. This school aims to serve the surrounding community.

We are applying 21st Century learning which promotes creative and challenging, thematic, brain-friendly, skills focussed, personal development, international mindedness, global themes and local heritage, assesment for learning.


Our principles:

AAKMS believes that we have to prepare the students for the world that we live in with respect to :

• The challenges that they have to face (paperless, work alone, move about & change jobs often)

• The skills they have to acquire (not just academic excellence)

• The attitude they have to adopt (what does being good means?)


On going process at AAKMS





Our philosophy:

A comprehensive and on-going educational effort yet dynamic based on al-Qur’an and al-Sunnah with the aim to develop human potential as ‘abid and khalifah capable of establishing a prosperous civilization in this world and attaining happiness in the Hereafter.


Our goals:

Students are able to :

- Obtain appropriate and sufficient academic standards to pursue secondaryeducation

- Perform obligatory ibadah correctly and inculcate aqidah shahihah

- Exhibit and internalise their understanding of Islam as a complete way of life

- Sufficiently carry out their roles as ‘abid and khalifah by doing good thus benifitting themselves and others

- Display leadership qualities in a team and communicate ideas effectively among their peers and adults


Personal Goals for Students

• Mardatillah : seeking Allah’s pleasure

• Ihsan : striving for excellence

• Ithar : preferring others above oneself

• Islah : embracing transformation And also, FAST

• Fatanah : wisdom

• Amanah : trustworthy

• Siddiq : truthful

• Tabligh : convey


AAKMS Integrated Curriculum


• National Curriculum, KSSR

• International Syllabus

• ISLAH Curriculum : Tasawwur Islami, Al Qur’an & Al Hadith studies,   Languages (Arabic & Mandarin), Social Studies (History, Geography, Sociology)



• Thematic



• 21st century teaching and learning

• Al-Amin 2.0 learning process.

• Montessori


Element across Curriculum

• Inculcation of Tawhid across curriculum



21st Century Education in AAKMS : Features

- Creative and challenging

- Thematic

- Brain friendly (nourishment : exercise movement, safety : team building,   social : cooperative learning, social-cognition, emotion :   emotion linked   to content , attention : activate to capture, stimuli : visual, music) 


Skills focused (core skills : communication, numeracy, problem solving, IT & working with others)

- Personal and character development,  international mindedness

- Global themes and local heritage

- Assessment for learning


21st Century Education; Teaching and Learning in AAKMS

• Students centred

• Experiential & knowledge based

• Diverse learning methodologies

• Global classroom

• Acquiring skills :

- Numeracy, ICT, scientific, financial, cultural and civic literacies

- Competencies in creativity, communication, collaboration, critical   thinking & problem solving,

- Nurturing character : curiosity, initiative, persistence, resilience, adaptability, leadership, social & cultural awareness